Policies and Procedures

Statement of Behavior

Recognizing that we are a reflection of our Lord Jesus Christ, my family and I agree to present ourselves in a Godly fashion. I understand that everyone participating in HCE activities is to present themselves in a manner respectful of those placed in authority and of their fellow HCE members. Conducting ourselves in this manner will be a reflection of our faith, edify others in Christ, and maintain a good reputation of HCE. Each child must be supervised by a parent, or one who has been given authority to act as guardian to the child, at each activity. I understand that if my child is being disruptive or disobedient at any HCE function, I am responsible for taking care of the situation with my child. Should continual disruptive problems arise, the HCE Primary Committee reserves the right to not allow the child to attend future activities until the problem has been resolved.

Code of Conduct

All HCE members, teachers, and leaders are expected to adhere to the following:

No foul or borderline language allowed. The use of crude, explicit, or suggestive comments, jokes, or language regarding ANY illicit behavior is strictly prohibited.

No name-calling, hitting, bullying, or other physical aggression allowed.

No use or presence of alcohol, tobacco, or illicit drugs allowed.

No disrespectful behavior toward teachers, leaders, and other students/members allowed.

No inappropriate public displays of affection allowed.

No attempt to proselytize to a particular religious doctrine is allowed. If a homeschooler asks a specific question regarding your faith, it may be answered.

Discipline Policy

Any step in this policy may be skipped based on the severity of the situation. The Primary Committee reserves the right to immediately remove any member from an activity for inappropriate or disruptive behavior.


Step One: Warning by Teacher/Leader/PC member.

Step Two: – Teacher/Leader/PC member removes student from class/activity and discusses behavior with student before returning to class/activity – Parent notified.

Step Three: – Teacher/Leader/PC member takes the child to his/her parent. If the situation cannot be resolved, then Step Four.

Step Four: PC Committee/Parent/Child Conference.

Dress Code

All HCE members, teachers, and leaders are expected to adhere to the following:

  1. Dress, grooming, jewelry, and/or items carried should be in keeping with health, sanitary, and safety practices and should not contain offensive language or symbolism nor substantially disrupt HCE activities.
  1. Dresses and skirts must be knee length or be accompanied by tights, leggings, or jeggings. Shorts may be no shorter than fingertip length. Tights, leggings, jeggings, or other types of hosiery must be accompanied by fingertip length or longer top or dress.
  1. Shoulder straps of tops or shirts should be no less than the width of a dollar bill. No strapless tops or shirts are allowed.
  1. Clothing that reveals midriff, cleavage, or visible undergarments should not be worn.
  1. Males must wear shirts even during sporting activities.
  1. Females should wear one-piece bathing suits for HCE swimming or water activities. If a two- piece suit is worn, a t-shirt must cover it.
  1. No wheeled items allowed except at events specifically for that purpose.
  1. The following clothing is prohibited: tube tops, half-shirts, see-through shirts, tops with narrow straps, tank tops with large armholes, “short-shorts”, biker pants, cut-offs, spandex, shorts or pants with holes that show underwear or skin more than a dollar bill length above the knee, garments worn below the hipline, pajama or pajama-like clothing, house shoes, and other unsuitable attire.

The Primary Committee is the final arbiter for all matters of behavior, discipline, and appropriate dress.