About Us

Homestyle Christian Educators (HCE) of the Ozarks is a Christian homeschool co-operative with about 60+ member families.   We are organized by an elected Primary Committee, and delegated sub committees.
HCE of the Ozarks is an incorporated not-for-profit organization, registered as such with the State of Arkansas, and governed by it’s by-laws as published on our web site.
As a co-operative, all of our activities are dependent on the voluntary participation of the membership.

Membership of HCE is unrestricted, except that you must confirm your agreement with our rules policies and procedures, Code of Conduct, Dress code and subscribe to our statement of faith.   These documents are available to view on our website.   Once membership is approved, members will have access to the members only pages of the web site.
Most of our member families are resident in the Mountain Home area or within 50 miles, although this is not a requirement.

Members of HCE are able to use our resources library, located in Mountain Home, and take part in our activities, field trips and extra curricula classes.   HCE also sends teenagers completing the junior year as delegates to both Boys and Girls State.
HCE also includes the Student Service Council for teenagers in our families. This group is similar to a public school Beta group, provides opportunities to earn service hours and to take part in appropriate teenage activities.

Membership of HCE is $20 per family per year. The HCE year runs from June 1st to May 31st. Families joining after March 1st, subscriptions will run through the following year.
The cost of activities is variable.   Classes usually cost $5-$12 per student, depending on class materials cost, plus a facility fee of $5 per participating family.   Parents who are not teaching, are also expected to volunteer for at least two occasions as a classroom helper.

Members are expected to volunteer to either serve on organizing sub-committees or to assist, as appropriate, in making activities happen.

Applications for membership can be submitted online through this website, or with a paper application.   The Primary Committee has the right, under our by-laws, to decline any application without giving a reason.    Applications are declined if the Primary Committee feels an applicant would not be beneficial to the organization or it’s aims.

Our privacy policy. We do not collect information about you unless you respond to us.  The information you give us is retained and used solely for the purposes of the HCE group and is not shared with any outside party.    Basic information about you and your family, as provided by you, may be included in the HCE members directory, with your consent.  The directory is only made available to members of HCE in good standing.

If you have completed a waiver form, we may use your or your families names or pictures in HCE publications.    Otherwise your information is not released to any outside party except as required by law under a court order.

Non identifiable personal data is collected as you use the web site.    This provides us with statistics on pages visited and time spent on each page.    This data does not contain personal information.    Our web site may install cookies on your computer.    These are used to follow your visit to us and identify return visits.    The IP address of your computer is monitored, as part of our spam prevention system.    This data is not retained except as part of our collected statistics.